Farmer's Report

Dairy Trends - MARCH 24, 2023

All dairy pricing trends are based on USDA and CME data as of March 22, 2023.


Analysts report the butter market had some decent trade volume throughout last week, and finished higher by Friday’s close. There continues to be solid U.S. production data, while nearby buying ahead of the spring holidays is keeping the market supported above the recent lows, according to analysts.


The CME block and barrel markets continued higher this week, due to recent increases in demand, according to analysts.


Urner Barry reported that both non-California and California egg prices rose last week, but have been steady this week, as Easter demand starts to decline and supply has increased.


According to analysts, domestic milk supplies remain readily available. Cream availability is beginning to tighten from the Midwest to the East Coast, and some maintenance downtime is reported in the West. Many plants have production fully committed through April now, as Easter demand is increasing.

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