Farmer's Report

Dry Commodity Trends - June 24, 2022


  • Sugar price offers are non-existent from the beet vendors for the old crop, due to tight supplies, while new crop (2022/2023) bookings are now over 85% complete, according to analysts
  • Sugar beet plantings are complete, but the crops went in much later than normal. This is likely to delay availability of new crop supplies in the fall, according to analysts
  • The Louisiana cane sugar crop is maintaining its highest “good to excellent” crop condition rating in the past five years, while analysts note that domestic cane refining capacity remains tight
  • The USDA’s June supply/demand report lowered both the sugar production and ending stocks estimates for the 2022/2023 crop year

Dry Beans

  • Dry edible bean offers remain firm, as the harvest is wrapping up in the Pacific Northwest
  • Forward contract prices remain well above last year’s levels across nearly all dry bean categories, as overall domestic supplies remain at multi-year lows, according to analysts


  • The wheat futures moved lower this week, as the cash winter wheat selling continues to ramp up
  • Market participants continue to unwind speculative long positions on fears that a U.S. recession will slow overall demand, according to analysts, who say that the strong U.S. dollar has led to reduced export business
  • Domestic cash basis offers remained mostly steady this week, with the trade mainly focused on the sharp decline in the futures markets, according to analysts
  • Winter wheat crop conditions remain well below historical averages, at just 30% good to excellent, per this week’s USDA update. Spring wheat conditions are at 59% good to excellent, below historical norms, but better than the 27% rating a year ago
  • More meetings are being scheduled between Russia, Turkey and the United Nations in an effort to secure three “humanitarian corridors” to move grain out of Ukraine

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