Farmer's Report

Dry Commodity Trends - December 2, 2022


  • Old-crop sugar price offers remain scarce from the beet vendors, due to very tight supplies. Current crop (2022/2023) bookings are considered complete, according to analysts, with most sellers withdrawn from the market 
  • The USDA lowered its 2022/2023 sugar beet production estimate on the November supply/demand report, putting the ending stocks-to-use ratio back down to 13.5% from 14.8%
  • The U.S. cane harvest has crossed the 70% complete mark, and crop condition ratings remain near record-highs, according to the latest USDA update

Dry Beans

  • New-crop bookings are active and price changes have been minimal, according to Midwest cash dealers
  • The USDA estimates that U.S. dry edible bean production is at 25.3 million cwt., or 1.148 million metric tons. This is up 3% from the previous forecast, and up 11% compared to last year    


  • The wheat markets were modestly lower through Wednesday of this week vs. the prior week
  • U.S. winter wheat stocks remain at multi-year lows, per the USDA’s November supply/demand report
  • The Black Sea Grain Initiative was extended for a further 120 days beyond the November 19 deadline, according to analysts
  • Domestic cash basis offers moved lower in the 12.8 through 14.0% protein range this week. The market remains concerned about the potential for a national rail strike in early December, according to several U.S. wheat millers
  • U.S. winter wheat planting is complete, as the crop begins its dormancy phase until next spring
  • The USDA reported that the winter wheat crop is 34% good to excellent, up from 32% last week, but still well below the 44% reported at this time last year
  • Weather conditions in the U.S. Southern Plains remain abnormally dry, with nearly 75% of the winter wheat crop in drought conditions, according to the latest USDA report

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