Stock Yards

Cattle company beef


We have the knowledge, experience and flexibility to get the best cattle from the best regions. We look for cattle with superior genetics and responsible care from geographic areas with ideal conditions.


The best beef starts at the source. And the secret to sourcing great beef hinges on three main elements:

  1. The genetics of the cattle
  2. The climate in which the cattle are raised
  3. The feed the cattle consume

According to Tim Loveall, President of Stock Yards®, these three come together in select parts of the U.S., and are the secret to why Cattle Company Beef has superior taste and tenderness.

We source cattle from regions that are not too far south where it's too hot, or too far north where it's too cold. We source in the perfect temperature zones, producing some of the best cattle in the world.

It all adds up to a process that produces the source for consistently great beef.

Loveall sums it up as:

  • Sourcing cattle, so they are born and raised in regions that have temperate climates
  • Partnering with known ranchers, so we understand how they handle their cattle in the pastures
  • Partnering with known feeders, so we know how the cattle are fed for finishing
  • Having the cattle processed regionally, so they are transported a minimal distance

This adds up to the sourcing of consistent, high-quality beef, to give customers the best dining experience.

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