Code of Conduct

Delivering Integrity

Speaking Up

Part of building a culture of integrity is creating conditions that encourage speaking up when something does not seem right.

You don’t have to have all the details or be certain that something is wrong to raise a concern about an integrity issue or other misconduct. You can trust that the company and its leaders will treat your reports seriously, fairly and promptly; and if something needs to be fixed, we’ll take action. We will preserve your confidentiality to the extent possible, and we will inform you when the matter has been closed.


  • Refusing in good faith to do something that violates our Code of Conduct, other US Foods® policies or the law. Should you be asked to do something wrong, please report it and seek assistance
  • Raising a concern in good faith about potential misconduct
  • Cooperating with an investigation

It takes courage to speak up. We understand you might be uncomfortable or anxious, and that is why we do not tolerate retaliation

How to Report a Concern

There are a variety of ways to get help or report when something seems wrong. You may report – anonymously, if you choose – through the Check-In Line, our externally hosted hotline, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with translation services if needed.

Check-In Line: 888-310-7716

In addition, you can always raise concerns with your manager, any other US Foods manager, Human Resources, your Field Associate General Counsel, Field or any member of the Law Department.

How Managers Should Handle Concerns

If someone comes to you with a concern, you have a responsibility to listen and take appropriate action. Handling concerns appropriately is critical to preserving our associates’ trust and protecting US Foods.


  • Remove distractions and listen carefully. Thank the person for speaking up – remember that the person raising the concern has just done something difficult and very important for the company
  • Respond respectfully and take every concern seriously. You must be committed to addressing the issue
  • Protect the person’s confidentiality – avoid discussing the conversation with others on your team except those who need to know (e.g., Human Resources)
  • If you are asked to help with the investigation of a matter, be candid and cooperative

As a manager, you should feel empowered to resolve performance issues yourself, in consultation with Human Resources. However, you and your Human Resources professional should immediately escalate any integrity or ethics concerns, or allegations of misconduct or violations of our Code, to the Ethics and Compliance team. If you have a question or are not sure whether you can or should resolve the issue yourself, you can always email, call the Check-In Line or contact your Field Associate General Counsel or any member of the Law Department.