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Within the Stock Yards® family of products, our Stock Yards AngusTM assortment offers the opportunity to serve a flavorful, high-quality grade of beef sourced from a preferred breed. Let the superior marbling, texture and juiciness of Angus beef, combined with our 120 years of industry expertise, deliver a level of distinction to your menu that diners recognize and demand.


Angus cattle are the most prevalent beef-producing breed in the U.S. These black-hided cattle are known for their superior marbling, which yields consistent, top-quality juiciness, tenderness and flavor.


Stock Yards Angus products meet the strictest specifications and third-party certifications. All products in our assortment feature:

  • Medium or fine marbling texture
  • Marbling score of minimum modest or higher
  • Lean color, texture, firmness and overall skeletal characteristics – each of which must meet the requirements for A maturity in its qualifying U.S. grade
  • USDA Upper 2/3 of Choice or higher


By selecting only the Upper 2/3 or higher of graded beef, we’re able to deliver on our promise of quality and provide your guests a premium dining experience. Our assortment is selected from a USDA beef yield that can be defined by the following quality tier structure:

Stock Yards tier pyramid


USDA Prime graded steak is delightfully tender and juicy, with a buttery flavor that makes it distinctively superior to any other steak. Of all the beef produced in the U.S., only the top few percent qualify for the Prime distinction.

USDA Choice offers exquisite tenderness and taste. Its well-marbled texture and flavor make this the most popular grade of beef. Approximately 70-71% of the beef graded each year meets the Choice standards.

USDA Select steak is moderately tender and juicy, providing good value. USDA Select comprises roughly 18-19% of the beef graded each year.

Stock Yards Angus is selected from the Upper 2/3 of the USDA Choice grade or higher, providing a consistently juicy and flavorful experience.


EB-2019070501_Stock Yards_Angus_marbling


Stock Yards Angus offers a wide variety of small- and big-box refrigerated steaks. Our small-box program enables you to maximize your storage space and budget, and meet your needs with cut-to-order, premium steaks. No matter your order, you can be assured of consistent thickness and optimal tenderness, juiciness and flavor from all our cuts. For more information on specific cuts, consult our Stock Yards Portion Cut Guide and Stock Yards Value Cut Guide.

Stock Yards Menu Program

Finally, let your diners see your commitment to quality using the Stock Yards Menu program. Get access to valuable marketing and promotional tools, with materials that cover both our Stock Yards and Stock Yards Angus assortments.