Explore this endless aisle of specialty products: tens of thousands of them, shipped directly to you via FedEx and UPS. You have access to the entire, ever-expanding product assortment through the US Foods® online and mobile ordering platform. It’s all fully integrated, so it’s easy to get exactly what you want, all from US Foods, and shipping costs are included in the prices you see.


World map

Around the World

Meet the ever-growing demand for global flavors.

Bring the world to your kitchen. US Foods Direct makes international cuisine as accessible as point-and-click. The assortment comes from across the globe and includes these items, among others:

  • North and South America – bakery items, candy, snacks, vegetables, fruits, nuts and quinoa
  • Europe – pasta, grains, condiments, bakery items, cheese, olives and olive oil
  • Asia and Australasia – beef, lamb, cheese, butter, candy, soup, rice, seafood, snacks, tea and fruit
  • Africa and the Middle East – spices, sauces, chocolate and other desserts

Heart of the kitchen

Heart of the Kitchen

With a full pantry, you’re ready for anything.

Stock your shelves with these must-haves, among others: bread, condiments, flour, grains, pasta, soup and vegetables.

Good to go

Grab and Go

Space-saving popular products, ready to take on the road.

Get hands-on with portable items, including chips, crackers, jerky, nuts, pretzels, seeds and snack bars.

What does US Foods Direct offer you?

  • Tens of thousands of specialty products in a growing assortment from a single supplier
  • Full integration into the online and mobile ordering experience
  • Shipping is included in the price you see
  • Orders are sent directly to you via FedEx and UPS
  • Tracking information is sent to your online account
  • Products arrive within five days
  • No returns
  • No special paperwork is required when you order

There’s more to learn about US Foods Direct. It’s in our brochure.