Meat Quality Factors

Stock Yards


The world’s finest USDA Prime, upper 2/3rds Angus beef and USDA Choice steaks, chops and other premium meats come from Stock Yards®.

USDA Prime

Containing slightly abundant to abundant marbling – only 2-3% of all cattle processed qualify for the USDA Prime distinction. This abundant marbling delivers the utmost in beef flavor, texture and tenderness.

Stock Yards AngusTM Beef

Upper 2/3rds Choice Program. Certified by the USDA, we set the standard for quality upper 2/3rds Choice Angus beef. Our experts have created a specification for Angus beef that delivers consistently high-quality, flavorful and tender beef that your guests will immediately recognize, exceeding the government’s exceptionally high criteria for maturity, marbling, color, firmness and absence of defects. Our program has been assigned a USDA G-schedule number (G-22), and can be reviewed through USDA’s AMS service record.

USDA Choice

Containing small to moderate marbling, USDA Choice grade always delivers good beef flavor, texture and tenderness. Just over half of the beef graded each year earns this grade. 


Our small box program allows you to purchase subprimals in smaller quantities, freeing up cooler space and providing precisely the amount you need. Portion cuts are traditionally vacuum-packed to ensure product quality and provide: 

  • Labor savings – allowing you to move easily from package to preparation
  • Consistent cuts – providing more even cook-times and plate presentations
  • No waste – expertly trimmed, offering 100% yield
  • Food safety – processed under USDA federal guidelines and inspection
  • Inventory control – providing the exact amount of product for service 

Click the images below to view our Stock Yards Guides:

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