Our Promise

Stock Yards


How do restaurants reach iconic status? They begin with remarkable meat – and a trusted partner to supply it. That’s the Stock Yards® promise. Our center of plate program was meticulously designed with your success in mind. And nowhere else will you find the kind of beef and pork that leaves customers wondering how that kind of perfection was achieved.

Stock Yards steaks are hand-trimmed by our master butchers and expertly wet- or dry-aged to ensure tender, juicy flavor in every bite. Wet- and dry-aging improve both the tenderness and flavor in fine cuts of meat. Both techniques are performed by our experts under precise temperatures and in strictly controlled environments.


With the personalized support of Stock Yards experts and your US Foods® representative, every delivery embodies product quality, timeliness and food safety. Our production facilities are GSFI-certified and under USDA supervision. We use HACCP programs for processing under strict sanitation controls, and state-of-the-art vacuum packaging to ensure maximum product protection.