Operating Safely GUIDE

How restaurants and foodservice operations can adopt safe practices while OPERATING EFFICIENTLY




Provide clear guidance before diners leave home, and as they approach your doors

To help diners navigate your front-of-house, clear signage is crucial. Order here.


Entry & Exit should be as low-volume and low-contact as possible

Dining Room/Bar

Dining rooms must optimize for maximum circulation and social distancing

Dining Room/Bar

New Dining Room Rituals

Your dining room, counter or bar will showcase the importance you place on the health and well-being of your employees and customers. Strive for moments of delight and innovation as you demonstrate your commitment. Always refer to CDC, state, and local authorities for most recent guidance.


Sanitary restrooms are required for diners to feel confident about general cleanliness

This information is guidance only. It does not constitute legal, medical or safety advice, nor is it a formal endorsement of recommendation of a particular response.