Operating Safely GUIDE

How restaurants and foodservice operations can adopt safe practices while operating efficiently


Guidelines come from many sources, including the federal government, CDC, FDA, OSHA, state and local governments, local departments of health and trade organizations. They range from requirements in the form of laws, ordinances and executive orders to recommendations and evolving industry standards. This is true even from a single source: for example, some state regulations will include specific requirements for some issues and may say “consider,” “if feasible,” or “where practical” for others. All businesses are strongly encouraged to coordinate with state and local health officials, so timely and accurate information can guide appropriate responses. Local conditions will continue to influence the decisions public health officials make.

Although reopening guidelines come from a number of sources and differ geographically, there are common organizational schemes and general alignment across five general areas:

  • No sick employees on-site
  • Prevent on-site transmission
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting for safety
  • Social distancing and low-touch for dine-in
  • Favoring take-out/delivery

Thinking in these terms can make understanding and applying guidelines less daunting and complex.

This information is guidance only. It does not constitute legal, medical or safety advice, nor is it a formal endorsement of recommendation of a particular response.