Redesign your menu with psychology in mind for a profitable menu mix

One of the most overlooked ways to drive profits is by updating your menu design – not just reprinting your menu with new prices, but actually changing the look and function of the menu. Here are a few menu hacks that you can use:

  1. Entice diners to order specific, higher profit items through distinct design features like callout boxes, fonts and bold colors. This is not only a fun way to bring your brand to life on your menu, but it’s an easy way for you to capture diners’ attention and impact your sales mix.
  2. The reverse of that is true as well – you can actually “hide” your lower-profit (but must-have) menu items by removing design elements from them or tucking them in the middle of a list of items. Less attention equals less sales.
  3. Remove your menu pricing completely – on the print menu at least. Take advantage of QR code technology, and direct your diners to your website to view current prices. This gives you the opportunity to be agile with your pricing without the recurring expense of a menu reprint.

Don't take the influence you can have on the choices your customers make for granted. With a well-designed menu, you can fight back against inflation and see your profits soar.

Hear more helpful tips on driving profit with design from our Restaurant Operations Consultant Marleigh McCrimmon.