Embrace Technology

Embracing technology is just part of providing great guest service.

If you put data to work, there’s a name for your kind.

You’re a New Guard Restaurateur, according to Damian Mogavero, author of “The Underground Culinary Tour: How the New Metrics of Today’s Top Restaurants Are Transforming How America Eats,” (Crown Publishing). The book, due out mid-January, illustrates how data can be used to exceed food and service expectations at every level—whether it’s a food truck selling tacos or a three-star Michelin restaurant with a 12-course tasting menu.

When restaurants—or any business—analyze data from sales, labor and inventory, the insights can help increase profitability and longevity, says Mogavero, CEO and founder of Avero, a New York-based software company. Avero provides software that integrates with point-of-sales systems.

A New Guard Restaurateur, a term Mogavero coined, embraces technology to provide a great guest experience. Here are some common habits:

  • Leverage inventory data to order ingredients according to sales patterns. Diners don’t ever hear the words, “Sorry we’re out of that particular dish tonight.”
  • Examine server sales data for red flags such as low counts for wines by the bottle or a drop in dessert sales. This allows the owner to address the need for training.
  • Scan scheduling data to ensure that the number of servers matches the level of service required for a quality experience.
  • Reconcile costs of goods sold with knowledge of the gap between ingredients purchased and actually used.

“The beauty of being a New Guard Restaurateur is the magic of the restaurant and the efficiency of running it come together,” Mogavero says. “I believe that’s the future of our growing industry."