Attract New Employees With Your Restaurant’s Website

Post new jobs and accept resumes with simple forms on your site.

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Getting visitors to your website in hopes that they choose to dine with you is the main objective of your restaurant’s website. It serves to represent your restaurant through photos, menus, your story, mission and additional offerings you may have such as private events or catering. But did you know it can also be your source of acquiring new front-of-house and back-of-house talent? Many restaurant websites recruit through their career pages and are taking application submissions directly from their website as a way to staff up.

The Benefits of Posting New Jobs On Your Website

One benefit of posting new jobs on your website is that quality candidates who hope to get in touch with you can do so directly. By submitting a resume directly through your website, candidates show that they are already interested in what you’re doing. They have probably dined with you at some point or know someone who has. It also indicates that they are most likely locally based, meaning that you’re on their radar.

Another benefit of posting jobs on your website is not having to go through a third-party staffing or recruiting service. By posting jobs through your website, you’re avoiding steep monthly fees or fees per post. Several hospitality-specific job matching services charge fees reaching up to hundreds of dollars a month.

An additional benefit to posting jobs on your website is having control. For instance, at BentoBox, all applications and submissions live on the back end of a restaurant’s website and are easily accessible at any time – no more hunting through your email inbox. Your submissions never go away, so if there is a candidate who you’d like to get in touch with from the past, their information is close at hand. El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant in Statesboro, Georgia, is a great example of a restaurant that successfully added jobs to the website. They have received almost 50 applications this year.

El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant Jobs
El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant is a great example of a restaurant that successfully added jobs to the website.

Show Off Your Restaurant’s Environment

Like attracting potential new guests to dine with you, your website should showcase your restaurant in the best light possible. It’s important to make sure that your website has nice, high-resolution photography that gives insight into the interior space and general atmosphere as well as shows the quality of the food and drinks you offer. Potential employees want to know what their environment will be like and the type of product they will be responsible for representing.

Highlight Your Mission and Employees

Your website should also include information about the restaurant. What is your mission? Talk about what hospitality means to you and about your vision for the restaurant. Potential employees would be interested in knowing who the owner, the executive chef, the beverage director and management are. Be transparent about your current staff. By highlighting their expertise, you will increase the number of quality candidates that join your team. Putting an emphasis on your team also creates a positive work environment where they feel appreciated and have pride in their positions. It’s about keeping good employees longer. The best case scenario is that you never have to worry about staffing to begin with.

Find Career-Minded Candidates

The hospitality industry is one of the most important industries culturally as well as economically. 15.3 million people work in food and beverage, while sales in the U.S. alone are projected to top $863 billion by the end of 2019. More and more employees are choosing the food and beverage industry as careers rather than just a temporary job. Retaining career-minded employees is as important as hiring, and it starts with highlighting your restaurant as the best place to work – that they will be successful in your environment and can grow.

BentoBox is committed to being with restaurants every step of the way in their mission of hospitality. Career pages are just one way we help in the community.

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