Boost Sales with the Best Burger

Meet Pat LaFrieda. He's going to help energize your menu and increase sales. LaFrieda is the secret behind America's most acclaimed steaks and burgers. He's held in such high regard by so many top chefs that he got his own reality TV show.

"Pat LaFrieda is a third-generation master butcher whose family has run Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors in New York City for almost 100 years," said Pietro Satriano, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, US Foods®. "He supplies meat to the best restaurants and chefs in Manhattan, including Mario Batali, Danny Meyer and April Bloomfield."

US Foods has teamed up with Pat LaFrieda to create two delicious new Chef's Line® products exclusively for customers.

"We now offer a tender and juicy LaFrieda chopped beef patty made from 100% USDA Choice American Angus beef, including short rib and chuck," Satriano said. "This is hands-down the best burger your customers will ever taste. It's rich and juicy, with an intense beef flavor."

US Foods also offers Chef's Line Angus chopped beef bulk for use in your signature dishes and to inspire you to create exclusive new menu items.

Satriano said most butchers put a lot of beef fat trimmings in their burgers, but the two new Chef's Line Pat LaFrieda products contain only whole muscle. Another LaFrieda secret is to chop instead of grind the meat. This gives the burger a fuller, more intense flavor, similar to a steak. The loosely chopped beef also cooks faster than ordinary ground beef, which means you get it on the table quicker.

"Everyone is looking for ways to boost sales," Satriano said. "One of the best ways is to feature well-respected, high-end brands like Pat LaFrieda on your menu to create exclusivity and promote quality. These co-branding partnerships enable you to charge more for gourmet dishes and increase profitability."

Be part of the burger revolution

Hamburger consumption was up in 2011, with 48% of consumers saying they eat a burger at least once a week, compared with 38% in 2009, according to Technomic, a leading food industry research firm. In fact, 36% of consumers cited "a craving" as the primary reason for their most recent burger purchase.

"Really, this is the source of the great burger revolution that we're living in today," said Josh Ozersky, James Beard Award-winning food writer on ABC Nightline about Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors. "They are the Lexington and Concord of the American burger revolution."

Ozersky noted that one of the best things about burgers is they're quick and easy to prepare. "A big part of restaurants is how laborious and complicated some of these dishes are," he said. "With a hamburger all you really need is a flat top and a spatula."

Over the years, LaFrieda has been approached by a number of food companies wanting to partner with him. He turned them all down.

"Only US Foods has the experience, innovative culture and industry leadership to be the exclusive national distributor for Pat LaFrieda products," Satriano said. "This means our customers will be one of the very few, if not the only one, in their market serving the burgers New Yorkers have been raving about for generations."

Please contact your US Foods sales rep, or visit to place your order for Chef's Line Pat LaFrieda beef or any other new product and We Will Help You Make It.