Premium Belgian Chocolate Chip Waffle



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Product Details

Diners have spoken: They love our Devonshire® Premium Belgian Waffle. So rather than mess with a good thing, we did the only thing that could make it better: we added chocolate. This new version offers the same authentic waffle profile – made in Belgium, featuring crunchy sugar pearls – but now features bits of Belgian chocolate chips. Individually wrapped, it's perfect for grab-and-go, family-style meals, hospitality or a quick-serve breakfast or dessert item from your menu. Just thaw and serve, or warm/toast for the perfect finish.


  • Made in Belgium using authentic techniques and ingredients
  • Made with Belgian chocolate and pearl sugar
  • Individually wrapped: ideal as a grab-and-go item
  • Frozen


  • 60 minutes of labor savings per case: eliminates measuring, mixing, fermenting, kneading, proofing, portioning and waffle ironing

Preparation Instructions

  • Thaw and serve, or heat before serving in toaster, oven or microwave oven
  • For oven: pre-heat oven to 400°F. Remove frozen waffle from packaging, and arrange on a clean sheet pan in a single layer. Bake uncovered for ~2 minutes (based on oven type)
  • For toaster: remove waffles from packaging. Place in toaster on medium setting for 2 minutes until warmed
  • For microwave: remove waffles from packaging. Cook in microwave at lowest wattage possible for 15 seconds

Menu Ideas

  • DIY Waffle Bar: Sprinkles, Caramel Sauce, Honey Whipped Cream, Mini Chocolate Chips, Candied Bacon and Sweet Plantains
  • Breakfast Waffle with Poached Egg and Spiked Maple Syrup
  • Belgian Chocolate Chip Waffle Banana Split

Recommended for:

Varied Menu, Steak & Seafood, Bar & Grill, Family Style & Diners, BBQ, American Regional - Southwest, Cajun, etc, European - Non-Italian, Italian, Asian - Non-Chinese, Mexican, Coffee, Smoothies & Juices