Resources for Restaurant Operators and Workers

US Foods through our CHECK Business Tools program has teamed up with Snagajob to provide restaurant operators and their employees resources to support them during this challenging time. Through this partnership, US Foods and Snagajob are helping to provide part-time and gig opportunities for displaced restaurant and hospitality workers.

We’ve also teamed up with Snagajob to help restaurants recruit and retain staff during these challenging times. Knowing that tough decisions have been made in many operations across the country, we want to be a resource to help when dining and hospitality facilities are able to reopen. Please consult your legal advisors on how the CARES Act may impact your business and staff.


US Foods believes Snagajob is a great resource for individuals in need of work with their connections across foodservice, hospitality and other industries. Snagajob has created this page with opportunities for displaced workers to find work during this shift in the restaurant and hospitality industries.  
Displaced workers can also register with Snagajob to reconnect with the restaurant when it becomes time to reopen.

Register as a Worker


US Foods and Snagajob will provide communication and recruitment tools to help reengage any displaced employees and recruit new staff as needed when it becomes time to rebuild your team. US Foods customers can register with Snagajob for help reconnecting with your workers when you are ready to bring your team back together. Once registered as an operator, direct your team to register here to ensure you can get back in touch when it's time to open back up.

Register as an Operator