Animal Care

Serve Good

Animal Care

Today’s consumers expect more choices, greater accountability and full transparency from those responsible for bringing food to their plates. Many diners are concerned about the treatment and care of agricultural animals – including how those animals are raised and what they’re fed. Because we share those concerns, we developed our Serve Good® program to include the animal care pillar.


As part of the animal care pillar of our Serve Good lineup, we offer our customers an assortment of responsibly sourced beef, poultry and pork. With these products, our operators will be able to offer their diners a variety of proteins that meet strict standards and commitments to animal care. Responsibly sourced proteins are available in participating markets.


Every product in our responsibly sourced protein assortment meets the following standards:

  • All natural*
  • Vegetarian-fed
  • Raised without antibiotics
  • No added hormones**

*No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed.
**Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry and pork.


All of our responsibly sourced beef, poultry and pork products also meet the following category-specific standards:


Raised with shelter, space for comfort, health care and a nutrition plan (based on our supplier’s USDA Process Verified Program)


Raised with appropriate nutrition, health care and housing based on our suppliers’ third-party audits

†Check with your local distribution center for products that are American Humane Certified or National Chicken Council
Animal Welfare Certified


Group-housed (based on our supplier’s USDA Process Verified Program)


Working with vendors who are as passionate as we are about animal care, we’re able to fulfill our pledge to responsible sourcing. These trusted suppliers – some of them third- and fourth-generation ranchers and farmers – carry on longstanding family traditions while demonstrating a high level of commitment to modern responsible practices.

At US Foods®, we’re proud to partner with these ranchers, farmers and vendors. Together with our customers, we’re committed to supporting our food systems – now and tomorrow – to make a positive impact in the food industry and our communities.