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Diners are taking food choices more personally than ever. They’re deciding what to eat based on who they are. Ethics, lifestyle or personal approach are now factors in what your guests order. From the socially conscious consumer seeking responsible foods, to the specialized diets of food tribes, to the trends of multiple generations – preferences are all over the map. And every individual, whether in families, groups or crowds, wants exactly what’s right for them. So how do you keep up?

It’s a matter of choice. Understanding your diners’ choosy habits and offering the choices that suit their needs is your recipe for success. In fact, 70% of consumers say that menu options influence their restaurant picks.**

We can help. Whether it’s meat vs. meatless; traditional vs. adventurous; healthy vs. indulgent; or anything in between – our Summer Scoop™ lineup caters to your customers’ opposing tastes. We’re featuring products that have wide-spread appeal, including sustainably sourced meats; items for gluten free, vegetarian or paleo diets; global flavors; shareables; portables; and simple indulgence.

It’s all designed to inspire your menu, bring more customers through your door and help you make it. @USFoods #USFScoop

**National Restaurant Association