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Fall Scoop 2016: Steak Your Claim

When you think of the traditional steakhouse – think again.

Steakhouse favorites, updated with exciting new ingredients, are showing up in restaurants of all kinds.

Now is the time to “steak your claim” on signature creations that keep your menu on top of the modern meat trend. Our new lineup, including All Natural Grass Fed Ribeye Steak, Demi Glace and Caramelized Sliced Onions, is designed to help you break free of old conventions, so you can reimagine entrées with new culinary personality.

We’re also equipping you with solutions that optimize your operations. Our simple program – US Foods Tipping Point™ offers your waitstaff proven selling techniques to increase tips and raise check averages. And our partnership with Avero restaurant software allows you to get important restaurant data to maximize efficiency and employee productivity

We couldn’t be more proud to launch yet another edition of Scoop™ on our 5th year anniversary. With over 400 new products launched, we continue to stay ahead of customer needs by innovating every day. We’ll be here to equip you with what you need to keep your menu inspired and keep guests coming through your door.

Tell us or show us what you’ve created with our Scoop products and what you’d like to see in upcoming editions. @USFoods #scoop