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Summer Scoop 2016: Serve Good

Serve up delicious food while serving good.

Just like you, we wake up every morning striving to source and deliver delicious foods that build a better tomorrow. That’s why at US Foods®, we are proud to be launching a program called Serve Good™, including products that are responsibly sourced or contribute to waste reduction – playing a small part in ensuring that a bounty of resources is available for future generations to enjoy. These products have all of the great benefits that you’ve come to expect from Scoop, including versatility, labor savings, on-trend innovation and, of course, great taste.

At home, diners are enjoying foods with clean-ingredient declarations and sustainable benefits – and now – they’re seeking the same type of foods when they dine out. Our program Serve Good includes a range of products such as sustainable seafood, organic breads and meat raised without antibiotics, all of which come with the reassurance of verification. We know that it can be tricky to tell the story of how you source. We’re here to help. Scoop offers the insight and information behind all of our products. It’s time for you to tell your story of sustainability and enjoy customer support for doing so.

Plus, if you’re looking to increase your takeout business, we’ve partnered with ChowNow, allowing you to increase your sales and offer online ordering through your website, your Facebook page and your own custom app. See inside for more details.