Spring Scoop

Think about your most formative dining experience. It probably wasn’t a plate of foie gras, but more likely a cheeseburger cooked to juicy perfection. Maybe that burger was your first taste of Gouda, a leap that marked a tiny food adventure. Maybe it was served at your favorite neighborhood spot, where the owner still knows you by name. Some of our fondest memories are tied to tradition – not just the familiar fare, but faces and places, too. In this Scoop™ assortment, we’re raising the bar on old standards: offering innovative solutions to elevate classic favorites; adding colors, textures and flavors to operator’s menus, and appealing to diners with a delicious array of plant-forward offerings. 



Because diners want variety – and are willing to pay a premium for it – we’re bringing you products that help take classic dishes like pizza, burgers and sides to new levels. Create upsell opportunities that increase your sales while keeping your customers coming back for more.



Enhance the experience of dining out to connect with your most valuable customers. These products are designed to highlight textures, colors and flavors to offer food experiences that will excite and delight your guests.

Innovative Experiences


Plant Forward

The flexitarian movement is here: plant-based foods and veggie-focused dishes aren’t just for vegans anymore – and they’re more than a passing trend. Here are plant-forward products to make sure you give every diner a reason to take a seat at your table.

*No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed.