Spring 2022 ScoopTM: DO MORE WITH LESS

Last year, you were in survival mode. Today, everyone wanting things back to normal doesn’t change the fact that you’re still managing labor and supply chain issues. You need to bring your operation back up to full speed to keep your customers coming back.

This Scoop™ launch leans in on versatility, featuring items that can play many roles–and do so without additional labor. Many come ready-to-use, however you see fit – whether that be heating and serving as is, or easily adding to an inspired dish that wows your diners. They work across food genres and menu parts, while providing value that optimizes profits.

The key to expanding your menu is ingredient versatility. See for yourself how this US Foods® customer is making the most of Scoop products.


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Items that inspire fresh takes for your menu – from subtle twists on traditional fare to completely new inventions your diners will love.

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There’s more to proteins than beef, pork and chicken. Expand your horizons with delicious alternatives that open your eyes and offer something unique for everyone.

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New Proteins


From holding a burger or rolled-up wrap, to wrapping up a meal with a sweet dessert, to wrapping up easy takeout, to wrapping up for the night, what you need is all right here.

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When you see how these Scoop products create intriguing and delicious dishes across a variety of menu types, you'll agree that no matter the menu, Spring Scoop items will work harder for you.

Click on each menu item to see its recipe, and discover how easy it is for you to add it to your menu.

Opening a Ghost Kitchen helps you maximize revenues – as does being able to use ingredients across your menus. Hear how this restaurant is using Scoop to make that happen.


Add new products. Add no labor