Safeguarding the Environment

US Foods has long recognized the importance of reducing environmental impact by increasing the energy efficiency of its operations. Focusing on efficiency improves every aspect of our business and helps the communities of which we are part.

We are constantly reviewing ways to decrease energy usage, increase individual facility energy efficiency and create a comprehensive, consistent energy program throughout our facilities across the nation.

Our initiatives include these:

  • Performing energy tune-ups to optimize refrigeration system operation.
  • Incorporating new lighting, such as LEDs with occupancy sensors, in our facilities.
  • Constructing new (or major retrofit of) buildings that incorporate the latest measures to reduce outside air infiltration, such as vertical store dock plates or fast acting insulated doors between temperature zones within the facility.
  • Using Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on condensers and evaporators. These systems provide the ability to run motors at variable speeds to better match cooling loads, which reduces energy use.