Serve Local

Know Your Food, 
Support Your Community

The story behind your food means something – to you and your diners. It’s about knowing where it starts, how it gets to you and being assured that it’s cared for along the way. It’s about helping the farmers in our communities thrive. And it all comes down to serving food that feeds both the body and the soul.

SERVE LOCAL means you get locally sourced products from regional farmers, producers or manufacturers. You also get to know more about how your products are grown, raised or caught. We source from within 400 miles of where we ship or within the state from where we ship, and our partners are certified by Good Agriculture Practices or Good Handling Practices. With Serve Local, you never have to look far to find products that are produced nearby.

Serve Local is available in participating markets.



Farmer Profiles

80 Acres Farms

Cincinnati, OH

Anthony Vineyards

Livermore, CA

B. Catalani Produce

San Antonio, TX

Black Gold Farms

Grand Forks, ND

Buurma Farms

Willard, OH

Bushel Boy Farms

Owatonna, MN

City Roots

Columbia, SC 

Coke Farms

San Bautista, CA


Oakland, CA

Faurot Ranch

Watsonville, CA

Field Fresh Farms

Watsonville, CA

Forest Mushrooms

St. Joseph, MN

Hollar & Greene

Boone, NC 

Holthouse Farms

Willard, OH

Jack & The Green Sprout

River Falls, WI

J&J Family Farms

Loxahatchee, FL 

L&M Produce

Raleigh, NC 

Lipman Family Farms | Custom Pak

Dallas, TX
Hendersonville, NC 


Carrollton, TX    

Ratto Bros

Modesto, CA

Revol Greens

Medford, MN

Rob's Gourmet Greens

Hollandale, MN

Roka Farms

Indianapolis, IN 

Simoni & Massoni Farms

Byron, CA

Steinbeck Country Produce

Salinas, CA

Titan Farms

Ridge Spring, SC 

Turlock Fruit Company

Turlock, CA

VB Hook & Company

West Columbia, SC 

Vertical Roots

Charleston, SC

Vine Valley Farms

Stewart, MN

Walter P. Rawl & Sons

Pelion, SC 

Westland Produce

Carpinteria, CA

Wiers Farm

Willard, OH

Serve Local Events

See how US Foods customers in Minnesota connect with local farmers at a Serve Local event in Minneapolis.