Mayo sandwich dreams come true

Mayonnaise is the most popular sandwich condiment, with 52% of consumers saying the last sandwich they ate had mayo on it.* Amp up your mayonnaise with add-ins to create unique sauces that diners will crave! Our Food Fanatics® Chefs offered some of their recommendations to get you started:

  • Mayonnaise + Nashville Hot Sauce
  • Mayonnaise + Umami Wing Sauce
  • Mayonnaise + Korean BBQ
  • Mayonnaise + BBQ + Honey Mustard

Pickled vegetables are one of the fastest-growing sandwich toppings, projected to grow 18% over the next four years.** Add this trending flavor with classic Kosher Dill Pickles or colorful Pickled Red Onions.

Build A Better Sandwich

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**Datassential Menucast, 2024