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VITAL Talk is your go-to podcast for solution-oriented discussions with healthcare foodservice leaders and industry experts. From tackling everyday challenges like cost management and retail performance to patient/resident satisfaction and staffing, VITAL Talk lets you listen in on your peers, as we dig into best practices that have helped them succeed in this ever-changing landscape.


The focus of the Today’s Solutions podcast series is to connect healthcare foodservice operators to new technology that can help improve their operations. You'll hear about training and development platforms for employee onboarding and retention, and ways to manage labor and staffing, while increasing resident satisfaction. Find easily accessible information in a quick-hitting format to save you time, so you can get back to doing what you do best – serving your patients delicious and nutritious food.

Learn about Automated Solution Services, powered by Bear Robotics, which can improve meal service and resident satisfaction, offsetting labor shortages by using state-of-the-art service robots.

Episode 1:
What Is Automated Solutions Services (Powered by Bear Robotics) and Who Do We Serve?

Episode 2:
Introducing SERVI Automated Solutions Services (Powered by Bear Robotics)

Episode 3:
How to Onboard with Automated Solutions Services (Powered by Bear Robotics)

Put the power of technology behind your operational processes. Staff Training, powered by ExpandShare, cuts through the chaos with a training and operations solution that readies your team, empowers managers and provides concise operational visibility.

Episode 1:
What Is ExpandShare and How Can It Help Your Operation?

Episode 2:
How ExpandShare Is Helping Operators Solve Their Labor Shortages

Foodservice training, powered by Pineapple Academy, delivers a simple, quick and effective online training solution.  Pineapple Academy training is designed to advance culinary cultures and employee engagement in the foodservice industry, with a focus on Senior Living and Healthcare Foodservice operations.

Episode 1:
What Is Pineapple Academy?

Episode 2:
How Pineapple Academy Impacts Labor and Healthcare Operations.

Episode 3:
How Pineapple Academy Uses Technology to Keep Staff Engaged and Connected.

Inflation: What’s the Big Deal?

Operators need to be open to change – and understand that costs are rising. The question is, how to convince leaders to invest in their operations, as we all are experiencing the impact of inflation – both in our personal lives and throughout the foodservice industry. Join Moira Gledhill in a discussion of tactics that healthcare foodservice operators can deploy to successfully align their budget and available resources.

Retail Performance:

Today, more than ever, it is important for healthcare retail operators to recognize the pressures that exist to operate the retail space efficiently and profitably. However, confines sometimes exist, limiting the ability of Dining leadership to sell menu items for a profit. Today we are here with Jenny Krueger to learn how healthcare customers can adjust menus and pricing to maintain a relevant, on-trend menu and create profitability in the healthcare space.

Patient and Resident Satisfaction:

Listen in on our insightful discussion with a VP of Dining, as he shares his efforts in transforming the healthcare dining experience – and how he prioritizes resident satisfaction. We discuss his foodservice background, strategies implemented throughout his senior living community, and what he feels has driven satisfaction among his residents.

Sustainability PODCAST:

Join us as we highlight one of the industry’s hottest topics: sustainability in the healthcare space. We are joined by US Foods’ very own Sunny McDaniel, as we discuss how healthcare customers can make their operation more sustainable while still maintaining their bottom line.


For patients and residents living with dysphagia, the proper diet is crucial to their well-being. The International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative, or IDDSI, is helping healthcare operators develop their foodservice options so they’re nutritional, accessible and enjoyable. Join two Registered Dietitians as they discuss why IDDSI implementation is important – and how can help.


Understanding the eight key numbers is the foundation to managing your foodservice budget. Join a US Foods Senior Business Solutions Specialist as we discuss what the eight key numbers are, how to determine yours, and how the numbers can guide you toward a successful budget.

Cost Reduction Strategies–Food and Supply Podcast:

Join subject matter experts as we discuss how operators can take steps to understand their food and supply costs – and create a strategy for cost reduction. We also discuss how US Foods’ Master List Management tool can streamline this process.

Kitchen Hacks Podcast:

Join US Foods Chef Jeremy DeRango for a conversation about addressing labor and staffing challenges in the kitchen. Learn what a foodservice operator can do to combat shortages and ensure a smooth operation. We’ll also talk about how menu and ingredient choices can make a difference.