From the National Restaurant Association to Datassential to Technomic, you’ve probably seen many reports come out recently predicting the Top Trends in Food and Foodservice in 2022. Learning which ones you can and should adopt, though, is a different story. The trend reports may be calling for black-colored ice cream, Afro-Caribbean ceviche and robot chefs, but what will truly bring in profits and help you maintain a competitive edge? And how do you do it all with staffing constraints and that tiny walk-in you’ve been dying to expand? This report is named “Top 10 Trends You Can Use” for a reason – these are trends that are low effort and high return, using minimal resources and thoughtful approaches to refresh your menu, conquer labor challenges, improve your takeout experience and create a flexible menu and pricing strategy. This guide is built to decrease stress and increase profits, providing easy solutions to help you take advantage of each trend.

Each tile below links to a trend, with articles, tips from our team and more to get you started.

Food trends:

Approachable Global Cuisine
Learn about global ingredients that are easy to use to create an eclectic menu.
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Options for All (Plant-based, alcohol-free, gluten-free, etc.)
Find the latest tips on how to serve diners with dietary restrictions or preferences here.
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Labor Challenges:

Speed Scratch and Labor-Saving
Discover what pre-prepped products save you time, while looking and tasting like they were made from scratch.
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Decreasing Turnover
Get tips for managing staff in the new restaurant scene to keep them content and productive.
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Operational Trends:

Learn more about responsible and compostable single-use disposables.
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Takeout Experience and Ghost Kitchens
Get the latest on how to maximize the profitability of your takeout and delivery and what operations are doing to increase business.
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Supply and Economic Challenges:

Product and Menu Substitution
Find ideas on how you can swap out products to save money and time in your back of house.
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Do More with Less Products
Get ideas of products that are so versatile, you can make them work multiple ways – saving you money on new ingredients.
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How to Raise Prices and Update your Menu
Learn how you can command more for innovative items on your menu and increase profitability.
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Finding Hidden Funds
Where is money hiding in your operation? Find out here.
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