Why Every Restaurant Needs a Website

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Restaurants today are increasingly embracing technology online and off – whether it’s with online ordering and reservation systems, or catering and private event management tools. With dozens of tools that assist you in the day-to-day grind of restaurant operations, a restaurant website is one of the most important technologies to utilize – setting up your business for customer and revenue growth potential.

Why People Visit Your Website

Your restaurant’s website is like a giant billboard on a busy interstate highway and your restaurant is right off of the next exit – you want that billboard to attract as many guests as possible. Your website is where people go to find your hours, location, menus and more – so, it’s important for your site to accurately and efficiently help the visitor find the information they need and turn them into a paying customer. Your website can be more than a home base for your online presence though – it can also be a hub for additional revenue-driving tools as well.

Drive Revenue and Growth Through Your Website

Sandy Springs Brewing Co. in Minerva, Ohio, not only has a beautiful and dynamic website that showcases the inner workings of their brewery, it also uses their website as an additional form of revenue. With BentoBox’s e-commerce capabilities, they are selling everything from branded track jackets to beer soap. Their biggest profit driver, though, is using their website to sell tickets to special events and classes.

Sandy Springs website homepage
Sandy Springs Brewing’s website utilizes a side navigation, making it easy for visitors to find the information and pages they are searching for.

The same goes for Tippecanoe Place Restaurant in South Bend, Indiana. In addition to offering both physical and digital gift cards directly through their website, they capitalize on special ticket sales for additional revenue, all while focusing on what truly matters – gifting great hospitality to their guests.

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant website
Tippecanoe Place Restaurant incorporates top navigation that is always present when scrolling through the site, making it easy for visitors to find information.

Use a Hospitality-Specific Website Platform

Companies that offer a platform for building and operating websites have been around for a while, but BentoBox is hospitality-specific. BentoBox empowers restaurants with technology that elevates every interaction between the restaurant and its guests. Our recently redesigned platform offers a simple and intuitive user experience for customers through the backend of their website – giving them the ability to update food and drink menus, promote events, and manage online revenue drivers such as gift cards, merchandise and tickets. Effectively, it allows the restaurant’s online experience to mirror the brick-and-mortar experience.

Use Technology That Benefits Your Business

With the seemingly limitless list of companies offering restaurant technology, it’s important to find the right one for your specific needs. Too much technology can take away from a great guest experience and can put a strain on employees – especially if catering orders are becoming too much to keep up with, or online delivery orders are backing up wait times. Utilize technology that can grow your business and drive revenue with your team and guests in mind.

In a business that’s unpredictable and always evolving, taking control of how your business presents itself online is important. With no shortage of existing restaurant technologies to choose from, your website and its features are the foundation for your business online – choose wisely.

About BentoBox: BentoBox powers website design as part of CHECK® Business Tools. BentoBox offers a restaurant website builder and develops websites exclusively for the restaurant industry. Creating a strong website for your restaurant can help convert visitors into paying customers, while saving your business time and money. Learn more about BentoBox by visiting website design in CHECK Business Tools.