Restaurant Website Redesigns That Really Cook

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Your restaurant’s website is the only place online where you have complete ownership over your brand, customer relationship, and revenue. It’s often a guest’s first impression of your restaurant – so it’s important that it’s the best place for them to find the most reliable, up-to-date information, and get a sense of what it’s like to be in your brick-and-mortar. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite restaurant websites to show you before-and-after looks, featuring new ways to better connect with your guests online. 


Location: Multiple locations in Idaho

Bodovino: Before and After

Before: Bodovino offers a total wine experience at their two Idaho locations, but their old website did not reflect the brick-and-mortar experience. The private events page asked guests to either call or email for bookings, which led to a lot of time being spent on back-and-forth communication.

After: The wine bar’s new website features a sleek design that’s filled with bright and inviting wine-focused photography. Bodovino now has a private event inquiry form, so the restaurant can collect key event and contact information from guests, offering a more streamlined booking process.

There’s More: Bodovino now sells both physical and digital gift cards on the new website. The restaurant is able to drive incremental revenue, and the guests are able to easily and quickly purchase the perfect gift for the wine lovers in their lives. Win-win!

Taha'a Twisted Tiki

Location: St. Louis, Missouri


Before: Taha’a Twisted Tiki’s old website wasn’t mobile-friendly – making it difficult for guests to find key information like menus, address and hours of operation. The restaurant had no way to collect contact info for their email newsletter online, leaving a missed opportunity to engage with guests.

After: Now, it’s easy to find the tiki drinks, great food and good vibes on the island-style bar’s new website. The St. Louis restaurant added an email signup button on the main navigation, so guests can sign up on any website page.

There’s More: Taha’a Twisted Tiki showcases its vibrant Instagram feed on the new homepage, adding to the overall design of the website while driving guests to follow the restaurant’s social media.

LA Cafe

Location: Los Angeles, California

Best-Redesigns_LA Cafe

Before: LA Cafe wanted to show off their delicious food on their website, but the photos weren’t doing the restaurant justice – and the overall design was disorganized. The 24/7 café relies heavily on online ordering, but the website button was clunky and linked to a third-party service, taking guests away from their website.

After: The photo-forward layout on LA Cafe’s new website put their dishes front and center, without distracting guests from their other offerings. The clean navigation is more modern, but still calls attention to online ordering in a way that better fits the restaurant vibe and drives more revenue.

There’s More: LA Cafe’s new website is integrated with ChowNow, for a better online ordering experience that doesn’t take visitors away from their website. Now, late-night cravings are only a click away.

The Wing Company

Location: Multiple locations in North Carolina

The wing company screenshots

Before: The Wing Company’s old website wasn’t mobile-friendly, leading to lost customers and ultimately lost revenue. The menu linked out to PDF files, causing slow load times for the site’s pages, hurting the website SEO and making updates time-consuming.

After: The playful, firefighter-themed eatery swapped a dated website for a more modern and functional online presence. The new, text-based menus load quickly, improve their SEO, and are super easy to update on the fly with the BentoBox backend.

There’s More: The store locator on the new website allows guests to find the nearest restaurant location in seconds. The information for each spot is easily accessible and clearly displayed on one interactive map.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Before: Whisk is an energetic brunch destination in Chicago that had a muted website that lacked personality. The navigation buttons were placed halfway down the homepage, making it hard to find key information and hard to place catering orders – not exactly user-friendly.

After: Now, when guests visit Whisk’s website, they know immediately what the brick-and-mortar restaurant is like, down to the Ron Swanson décor. The photo gallery homepage shows off the food, the ambiance – and most importantly, the people. The left-hand navigation makes it easy to find key information like events, menus, hours of operation and more.

There’s More: The upgraded catering store is best-in-class. Now, customers can easily order catered goods right from Whisk’s website. Biscuits and gravy? Add to cart!

Now that you’ve seen how great web design works, do you think your restaurant’s website needs a bit of a touch-up? Could it use a whole makeover? If so, US Foods and BentoBox can help you bridge the digital gap between your restaurant and potential customers.

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