Tender By Design™ Baseball Cut Choice Top Sirloin Steak



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Product Details

This exclusive Tender by Design™ program yields a high-quality frozen steak that is as tender as fresh. Developed over 15 years, this cutting-edge process incorporates proprietary practices in sourcing, aging, packaging, freezing and tempering, to consistently yield a high-quality steak, available at a competitive price.


  • Raw, boneless, 8 oz. baseball-cut top sirloin steak
  • Sourced, aged, packaged and quick-frozen using the proprietary Tender by Design process
  • USDA choice, needle-tenderized, single ingredient with no additives or marinade
  • Contains no ingredients on the US Foods® Unpronounceables List™*


  • All steaks are aged to exact specifications to deliver optimal tenderness
  • Steaks are rapidly frozen using a proprietary process to maintain quality by preventing undesirable, large crystals from forming through the product, locking in freshness
  • Individually vacuum-packed so the operator can temper and use only what is required for less waste
  • Using our recommended commercial-grade aluminum tempering tray (8377597) offers faster tempering than traditional thin aluminum sheet pans or wood or plastic cutting boards
*Does not include product marketed and sold by third-party licensees. Processing aids and potential cross-contact during production are not in scope for this program.

Preparation Instructions

  • Temper frozen steaks using Tender by Design Tempering Trays in cooler. Once tempered, steaks may be prepared as usual on grill, flat-top or frying pan

Menu Ideas

  • Bacon Wrapped Baseball Cut Top Sirloin with Smoked Blue Cheese
  • Baseball Cut Top Sirloin Oscar with Asparagus, Crab and Hollandaise Sauce
  • Grilled Baseball Cut Top Sirloin with Smoked Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes and Creamed Spinach

Recommended for:

Varied Menu, Bar & Grill, Italian, Family Style & Diners