Fresh Produce Supply Chain & Quality Assurance


US Foods® is committed to produce quality assurance across the board, from the farm to our warehouse to you – and finally, your diners’ plates.

View our supply chain process on the pages ahead to see the details behind every quality measure we take.


1) Farm

Our growers and suppliers use best practices for the specific products they provide – whether it’s investing in new varieties of seeds resulting in higher yields, better taste and better quality, or better packaging to help protect quality.


2) Audits & Inspections

We deploy third-party product inspectors to protect quality when growing region transitions or quality issues are identified by our in-house produce experts as needing a closer look.

All US Foods Exclusive Brands, produce suppliers are required to have Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification.


3) Harvest

Our growers typically cut, pack and ship within 24-48 hours of harvest.


4) Transportation

Products are transported in temperature-controlled trucks to ensure the cold chain is unbroken, so products arrive in great condition.

US Foods Produce Inspectors review temperatures recorded throughout transportation from the supplier to US Foods warehouses and check temperatures in refrigerated receiving areas upon receipt.


5) US Foods® Receiving

Upon receipt, US Foods Produce Inspectors check product quality, condition and temperature using modern warehouse-receiving technology, including a proprietary tool called "Fresh Check."

Fresh Check is a product sample inspection process, exclusive to US Foods, that ties our divisions and inspectors to our suppliers, ensuring quality from field to warehouse to you.

Learn more about US Foods Produce Inspectors  >>

icon storage

6) US Foods Storage

We inspect a sample of products to meet quality and condition requirements prior to shipping. Through this sampling process, products are handled minimally and carefully to maintain quality.

Our monthly assessment of 27 control points evaluates proper handling, storage and delivery standards, to ensure we maintain cold chain from our warehouse to your door.


7) US Foods Delivery

Our drivers are the last line of defense in protecting the quality of our produce from the fields to your door. We protect the cold chain with investments in proper handling gear, including blankets and bulkheads for customer delivery.


8) Operator Purchasing & Receiving

Our customers need to inspect produce immediately upon receiving, and monitor product while in-house.

Exclusive to US Foods, our color-coding system will guide you in identifying where products should be placed for optimal quality. Follow the cooler map for the best produce quality, matching the label color on the box to the spot inside or outside the cooler.