Our way of working

We value working in a way that makes sense for your role while staying connected to one another. Working on-site continues to play an important role by providing predictability, space and time to collaborate and celebrate our culture while also providing flexibility for remote work. At US Foods, our passion and our business are food and community. That means we value moments of coming together to innovate, feed off each other and enrich our relationships.


We’re bringing the best of both home and work-life together – to create an approach that combines the efficiency, flexibility and balance of working from home with interactive and collaborative moments in-person – that strengthen our culture and make US Foods a great place to work.

We believe staying flexible and connected is our recipe for success, allowing us to prosper long-term, while ensuring our culture will thrive and our people will grow.


  • A hybrid working model with blended roles that afford flexibility to work from your home and the office
  • An engaging and dynamic office space, equipped with collaborative workspaces
  • Business casual attire, with the freedom to dress for your day