Manage the Total Customer Experience – Part 3: After They Dine

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In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we explained how to manage your guest experience before diners come in, and also while they are in-house, eating. Find out here – in Part 3 – how to nail the experience after they’ve left and ensure they come back for another helping.

The guest experience doesn’t end once your customer pays their check and walks out of your door. In order to retain that customer and turn them into a loyal guest, restaurant operators need to consider the guest experience after they dine, to gain valuable insights into what turns a new customer experience into a repeat visit. To help operators get the most out of their customer data, Resy has worked alongside our restaurant partners to ensure our same reservations and table management system also works for them to enhance the guest experience after they dine.

Instead of waiting for guests to rave – or unfortunately rant – on unverified, public review sites that are difficult to track, trust Resy to help. Resy’s platform helps operators know when customers dine, where they sat, how long they waited, who served them and what they ate. This detailed data enables restaurants to be much more strategic in collecting highly meaningful feedback that becomes much more actionable.

Traditionally, operators who want to know more about how their guests felt about their dining experience would leave comment cards with short surveys in the check presenter. The challenge with the paper comment card method, is that operators can’t easily link this customer feedback to the variables that could have impacted their guests’ experiences.

With Resy Surveys, however, partners receive closed loop feedback attributed to exact guests, tables, shifts, servers and menu items. “Pairing reservation, point of sale and survey data will give our clients a complete and detailed view of their guest experience and performance,” said Resy CEO Ben Leventhal upon launching Resy Surveys.

To make it easier to distill trends and provide info that’s actually useful, Resy provides both daily reports as well as a dashboard to easily identify your strongest servers and shifts and others that may be at risk. Bottom line, we make it easy for you to spot the trends, and then dive further. Let’s look at an example of how this works.

Screenshot of Resy dashboard
Screenshot of Resy dashboard

At the fictional restaurant depicted in the dashboard above, the Ella’s Cafe management team can easily see in the “Scored by Daypart” report that brunch is underperforming. Since Ella’s Cafe only recently began serving brunch, the managers initially thought there may be a service issue, but in looking into the comments left just by the diners who came in for brunch, it seemed the menu was a disappointment compared the other service periods.

At Ella’s Cafe, they can now incorporate direct, honest and private guest feedback, and they can then turn that into actionable changes that only serve to better the guest experience moving forward. Not only that, the restaurant can reach out to individual guests personally, tell them about the improvements and changes to the menu and ask them back into the restaurant – creating a brand new, unique, one-to-one, private and transparent interaction that has never occurred before.

Screenshot of Resy guest feedback page
Screenshot of Resy guest feedback page

Set yourself apart from the competition with flexible table management. Allow guests to book their ideal seating, get detailed guest profiles that help your team give personalized dining experiences and utilize a survey platform that allows for one-to-one interaction after a customer dines. Resy is elated to pioneer table management functionality that helps you elevate the guest experience before, during and after they dine.

About Resy: Resy powers online reservations as part of CHECK® Business Tools. Resy helps your customers reserve tables or join a reservation waiting list easily and quickly online – improving your guests’ experiences, allowing you to share information across all of your restaurants and track your marketing efforts. Learn more about Resy, by visiting Online Reservations in CHECK Business Tools.