Equipment and Supplies


Add pizzazz
Sometimes tabletop accessories are eye-catching items that can add color, texture and visual appeal to your table presentations. Look for whimsical ways to present both formal and less-formal foods. Appetizers and side dishes can be served in a variety of ways, and we have many decorative and functional options from which to choose. Food server tools that enhance tabletop service presentation include crumb sweepers, cheese graters and tip trays. These tools can add a smile to the dining experience, which is welcome at any table.

From beginning to end
The tabletop setting and table presentation is one of the first things that catches your customer’s eye, either just before receiving menu in hand, or just after. As your menu is an integral part of the first impression you make when seating diners, it is essential that you choose the menu cover that best complements the décor and ambiance of your establishment. Once the meal is complete, our stylish check presenters and tip trays will help make lasting final impressions on diners.

Keep the line moving
Diners in busy cafeteria-style settings expect to move through the line quickly and efficiently. Being organized with supplies to make this happen is a must. Fast food and café trays, flatware holders, and napkin and straw dispensers are all key components necessary to keep the line moving. Dispensers designed specifically for certain condiments come in different shapes, sizes and colors, made from both glass and plastic.

China & Dinnerware

No matter where you’re located or what you’re serving, you have a unique vision and presentation style. Let us help you create the right mood and highlight the food you’ve so carefully prepared. Modern, classic, formal, casual – whatever your place setting needs, we’ll make sure you get the dinnerware that brings it all together.

Smart choices made easy


Choose a shape
Rim-to-center ratios affect presentation and food portions. Consider these carefully:

  1. Wide rim plates with smaller centers showcase small portion sizes, but require more tabletop space.
  2. Medium rim plates are more versatile and balanced.
  3. Narrow rim plates give you maximum serving space and a sense of portion value.
  4. Coupe shapes have no rims and a contemporary look.

Choose a style
Simple and clean, or decorative and ornate, it’s a matter of opinion.

  1. Plain rim plates allow the focus to be on the food.
  2. Sculptured rim plates provide design and visual interest, and can be coordinated with flatware and other tabletop service items.

Choose a color
Subtle differences can have a big impact on your overall look – all of them good.

  1. Porcelain dinnerware has a bright white color.
  2. Stoneware is generally off-white or eggshell color.
  3. American white refers to stoneware with an eggshell color.

Dinnerware Handling Tips

  • Don’t overload bus bins
  • Use plastic bus bins – separate flatware from plates when bussing
  • Don’t use flatware to scrape dishes
  • Don’t nest cups
  • Load dishwasher racks properly
  • Don’t scour with scrub pads
  • Clean stainless tables can reduce metal marking
  • Overworked dinnerware inventory can increase breakage
  • Presoak dinnerware in water less than 160°F
  • Use the proper detergent concentrations
  • Don’t stack plates when hot and wet
  • Don’t stack plates too high


Determining your flatware pattern begins with making the choice of traditional, formal, simple or contemporary style. The style and shine of the flatware you choose helps frame your place setting – and sets the mood for a great dining experience. The feel and weight of each piece connects your guests to your culinary creations in the most personal way. Whatever your preference and style, we’ll help you find the perfect flatware pattern to both complement and impact your tabletop presentation.

Superior® Flatware

Find simple and clean designs at attractive prices with our Superior® flatware line.

Dominion Flatware 18/0

Graceful, sweeping lines add a modern feel to your presentation.

Dominion pattern

Pebbles® Flatware 18/0

Delicate “pebble” pattern around the edge of this flatware creates an exquisitely simple yet intricate design.

Pebbles pattern

Radianz® Flatware 18/0

Popular simple rim design. Heavyweight, 18% polished chrome flatware at an attractive price.

Radianz pattern

Windsor Flatware 18/0

The simple, clean beauty of this pattern is enhanced by its smooth, gentle contours.

Windsor pattern


There are a surprising number of things to consider when choosing glassware for your hungry and thirsty guests. For example, heat-treated glassware, though a bit more expensive, gives you a longer service life; beer mugs and specialty glasses, rather than pint glasses, can earn you slightly higher profits; and a wine glass with a larger bowl is more appealing and improves the taste of the vintage. While the choices are many, the goal is the same: set the right mood and improve the dining experience by presenting glassware well-suited to the refreshment it contains.


Tumblers – From water goblets to beer glasses, tumblers have a flat bottom with no stem or handle. These will make up a large part of your glassware inventory.

Stemware – A bowl and a base separated by a long stem, the size and style of stemware you choose depends partly on personal preference and partly on how it will enhance the experience. For example, fluted stemware showcases the bubbles of champagne in a way other stemware cannot.

Specialty – These run the gamut, from glass coffee mugs with handles to small liqueur or shot glasses. The idea here is often smaller quantities and fanciful presentation.

Keeping glasses spotless and beer full-flavored
After washing, always allow your glassware to air-dry and cool before putting it back in service. When bussing tables, don’t place flatware in glasses in the bus tub, as this stresses the glass and may cause chipping and breakage while the tub is carried. Also, unless pieces are specifically designed for it, avoid stacking glassware by nesting the pieces together. This will also reduce the life of your glass. And for the best brew experiences, use your beer mugs and glasses strictly for beer. Any residue from other beverages will spoil the full flavor. Finally, when washing your beer glasses in automated glass washers, if too much sanitizer is used in the rinse cycle, the beer may go flat, and so might your draft beer profits.

Beverage service alternatives
Our glassware selection also includes a variety of decanters and pitchers for serving and refilling beverages. These containers are available in different styles and capacities, made from glass or plastic. You can complement your outdoor patio dining plastic dinnerware collection with plastic tumblers and drinkware. Choose from stylish patterns and colors, and prevent the dangerous possibility of broken glass.

H-T-B dimensions are listed to the nearest 1/8".

D dimension is listed to the highest 1/8"

H = Height.   T = Top Diameter

B = Bottom Diameter    D = Maximum Diameter