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Our vast collection of cooking and concessions equipment and supplies will outfit you with everything from countertop griddles and popcorn poppers to full-size, heavy-duty gas ranges that are the heart of a high-volume foodservice business. You’ll also find heavy or light equipment for specialty items like chip warmers and crêpe makers, as well as tools to make everything run better, including water filtration systems.

Choosing a Range
There’s a lot to consider when choosing a range. Use the checklist below as a guide to narrowing your choice for the perfect heart of your operation:

Menu and Cooking Process

  • Determine your volume requirements. How many portions do you serve per hour? 
  • What is your available floor and door space? Be sure to allow for adequate access 
  • Select your range top configuration. How many open burners or griddle tops do you need? 
  • Include grill plates, pan storage for easy prep 
Check ventilation/safety requirements, etc.
  • Check ventilation/safety requirements with special attention to proper hood sizing and fire suppression 
  • Check work flow/efficient production lineup 
  • Determine your available power/connection requirements. Gas or electric? Front or rear hookups? Voltage and phase capacity?

Choosing a Commercial Toaster
The type of toaster you need depends on how much you need to produce and how much available space you have. Compare the Pop-up and Conveyor models to see what best meets your needs.

Pop-up Models
Toast up to a maximum of 380 slices of bread or bagels an hour. Ideal for areas with limited counter space and self-serve breakfast buffets.

Conveyor Models
Toast 300 to 1,050 slices of bread an hour. Conveyor toasters can accept several slices end-to-end, and can toast each slice in a fraction of the time. Their ability to continuously toast product during peak periods makes them ideal for breakfast establishments, cafés and delis.

Warmers vs. Cookers/Warmers
Foodservice operators use countertop warmers both in the front- and back-of-house to keep foods at a safe holding temperature (above 140°F) until they are served. The type of warmer you need depends on the starting state of the product that needs to be kept warm.


  • Designed to hold product that has already been brought to serving temperature and to maintain it at the proper serving temperature
  • Great way to add side dishes and entrées to existing menus quickly and easily


  • Designed to take pre-cooked product from a refrigerated state to serving temperature and to maintain it at the proper serving temperature. NSF Standard 4 (6.3.1 performance requirement) requires cookers to take a 40°F product to 165°F within a period of two hours
  • All countertop units are designed to be used with a stainless steel insert pan (sold separately)

Food Prep

Prep duties such as slicing, dicing, blending and mixing are labor-intensive. High-quality, dependable prepping equipment can be a valuable and time-saving investment, allowing your staff to work quickly and efficiently, yet still provide a consistent quality product.

Choosing the right mixer
High-volume mixers are a necessity for any foodservice operation that mixes large quantities of dough or other ingredients. Your main options in this category are countertop (“bench”) models or floor models. Countertop models are more affordable, but usually offer lower volume capacity. Floor models allow you to mix very large quantities of ingredients at one time. Make sure to choose the right size to suit your business. By selecting a model that is too small, you run the risk of slowing down your output. On the other hand, choosing a model larger than you need is inefficient, and it will take longer to clean.


No matter what kind of foodservice or hospitality business you’re in, chances are you need ice, and lots of it, for everything from keeping food chilled during transport to keeping drinks cool for guests. Here you’ll find an industry-leading selection of ice machines and other ice-making equipment to keep you well-supplied with cubed or crushed ice.

Ice Styles

Ice Styles


What’s hot in Refrigeration?

Keeping ingredients, leftovers, prepped sauces and frozen meals cold takes a lot of help from thermal dynamics. You’ll find the latest in everything from full walk-in coolers and commercial freezers to small undercounter prep units. You’ll also find choices in beer equipment, as well as merchandising storage to help you showcase your specialty foods while keeping them fresh.

Why Buy Superior®?

Great value and savings are only the beginning with the Superior® refrigeration line. You’ll also notice premium features like stainless steel exterior finishes with rounded corners, heavy-duty recessed pocked door handles, and stainless steel interiors that provide long-lasting durability and easy maintenance. No matter what area of your operation needs refrigeration equipment, Superior is your choice for solid performance and proven reliability.

Food Safety Tips