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Keeping your foodservice areas clean and health code-compliant is much easier and more effective when you have exactly what you need, exactly where you need it. From vacuuming and mopping floors to scrubbing corners with high-strength detergents, here you’ll find the equipment and supplies you need to turn your successful business into a model of cleanliness. We’ve even included some great tools to keep your staff more comfortable and more productive during long shifts. Refer to the chart below for a large selection of floor mats designed to help keep things tidy and help ease long periods of standing.


Mats not cared for properly or used improperly may not provide the service you require, and may void any warranty. Use red mats for grease-and-fry areas. Black mats are for no-grease or very low grease areas only. Be sure to clean mats daily using a mild detergent, warm water and a deck brush to remove all grease.

Any mat that is worn, damaged, or presents a tripping hazard should be removed from service right away. Do not fold mats, use bleach or chlorine solutions, wash in the dishwasher, or steam clean (power wash) more than once per week


Table skirting: how to order the right amount
The sizes shown below are the most common table sizes and offer the widest range of applications. To determine the proper size for your tables, measure the outer dimensions of the table. For a fully dressed banquet table, measure all four sides of the table. For a head table, measure three sides and add a 6" return on each side. Table skirting is ordered by the running foot. Any horizontal length may be ordered. We suggest a maximum length of 22 to 24 feet for easy handling. Standard height is 29".


Professional uniforms and accessories are an integral part of preparing and serving up great dining experiences. The right style and fit will help protect the wearer – as well as the food being prepped. Whether you’re looking for chef coats, shirts, pants, aprons, hats, caps or necessary accessories, you’re in the right section. To get started with sizing, take a look at the chart below:

Size Fits Size Fits
Small 36-38 XL 48-50
Medium 40-42 2XL 52-54
Large 44-46 3XL 56-58

All chef’s coats, shirts, and pants are made of 65% polyester/35% cotton, have a stain-release finish, and are machine-washable.