Pesto Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Dunk


  • 32 ounces Roseli® Organic Basil Pesto without Pine Nuts, defrosted
  • 50 slices Chef’s Line® Organic Sprouted Multigrain Bread, defrosted
  • 2 pounds Metro Deli® Hickory Smoked Provolone Cheese
  • 5 quarts Molly’s Kitchen® Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Bisque
  • 16 ounces Glenview Farms® Crème Fraiche
  • 1 can Rykoff Sexton® non-GMO Canola Oil-Based Cooking Spray


Reheat soup according to package directions.

Slice cheese into 50 slices, approximately .6 ounces each.

Preheat griddle until hot. Spray with pan spray.

Spread 25 slices bread evenly with pesto, top with 2 slices of cheese and top slice of bread.

Toast on griddle, flipping until both sides are golden brown and toasted.

Cut into quarters.

Portion 6 ounces of soup into a large ramekin, garnish with a swirl each of crème fraiche and pesto and serve alongside sandwiches. 

Yield: 25 portions