Chicken wings are found on 44% of U.S. menus, 52% of casual dining menus, and three out of every four diners love or like wings. * They’re a good option to keep on menus – specifically as appetizer offerings – for their versatility, popularity and profit-boosting potential. Learn more about variations such as wing types, cooking profiles and more to make the right choice for your needs and operation.

*Datassential, 2024

Chicken Wing Types

A classic bar and grill appetizer and a staple at big game-day catered events, chicken wings are a popular and profitable menu item. They are cost-effective, versatile and suitable for operations of any size. Follow this guide for choosing the right chicken wing type for your needs.


  • The most common and cost-saving option, bone-in wings include the first and second joint flats with the meaty drumettes
  • Quick and easy to prepare by serving with numerous types of sauces and dips, these products are a popular appetizer option that lead to higher bar tabs.
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  • Boneless wings are breaded, whole muscle cuts of boneless breast meat that serve as a trendy menu alternative to typically higher-priced traditional bone-in chicken wings. 
  • These products come fully cooked and available in a variety of shapes, sizes and sauce flavors. Simply heat and serve.
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Fully cooked:

  • Simply fry or bake in an oven to save time and labor
  • Follow instructions on packaging for heating and serving


  • Partially cooked, these products have a quicker cooking time compared to raw products
  • Set the breading for crispy wings by quickly dipping in deep fryer
  • Must be cooked to an internal temperature of 165°F
  • Ready to cook and serve


  • A more cost-effective option, but raw products have longer cooking times and must be fully cooked before serving
  • Add breading and seasoning before deep frying crispy wings
  • Must be cooked to an internal temperature of 165°F
  • Cook thoroughly and serve


Wings are perfect carriers of flavors and sauces. Our flavor profiles level up chicken wings to give your diners craveable menu items they will come back for – and help drive sales!


  • These wings typically come plain and unflavored, allowing operators creative freedom to prepare in countless ways with sauces, dips and more to fit any menu and style


  • A red pepper heat adds just enough kick to satisfy taste buds. This taste profile delivers on-trend flavor and appeals to a wide range of menu applications


  • The most common next to traditional style, BBQ wings offer a sweet and tangy flavor that is popular across all generations of wing eaters.



  • These products can save time and labor. Pre-breaded and individually frozen, they are easy to prepare. Simply heat and serve.


  • Available in a range of flavor profiles, these products can be cooked from frozen to save time and labor.

Oven Roasted:

  • Unseasoned and individually frozen, allowing operators creative freedom to prepare in countless ways with sauces, dips and more to fit any menu and style.


Due to the various cooking profiles, please reference COP Cooler Map for the best ways to safely store and handle chicken wings.