Embrace the Unconventional: There’s More to Citrus Than Lemons and Limes


Flavor: Lemon notes with almost no acidity. Think sweet lemongrass.
Last seen: At Bad Wolf Coffee in Charleston, South Carolina, Chef Jonathan Ory candies Buddha’s Hand rounds, reserves the syrup, and uses it to glaze cakes and pastries.


Flavor: Sugary sweet as a tangerine, but with tons of acidity.
Last seen: At Angeline in New Orleans, Chef Alex Harrell ferments the fruits and adds spicy habaneros to make a one-of-a-kind hot sauce.


Flavor: Smells like a grapefruit but tastes like the tangiest of limes.
Last seen: Chef Shota Nakajima spikes a classic miso with yuzu juice and zest at Adana in Seattle.


Flavor: The anti-orange: sweet skins belie pucker-inducing flesh.
Last seen: Kumquats cut through beef and heavy cheeses, which is why chef Andy D’Amico of 5 Napkin Burger in New York makes a kumquat jam and folds it into a
rosemary aioli.