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Serve Up Better Results

Looking to increase customer loyalty? Or streamline operations? Your business is forever a work in progress on your quest to better serve your customers. Find tips and tools to improve business operations and drive marketing efforts — from increasing customer traffic to more accurate menu pricing. We’ve made it easier.

Easing The Burden Of Labor Costs

Anyone in the restaurant business knows that serving up great food is only one piece of the success pie. To truly make it in this challenging industry, restaurateurs need to be able to combine kick ass culinary skills with savvy business knowhow – and a key area of the business that can eat up a big chunk of profits is labor costs.

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Fresh Map Cooler Storage

We have redesigned our Cross Valley Farms packaging with a US Foods exclusive, easy to follow, color coding system. Simply match the color coding on the box to the color coded locations on the FRESH MAP - inside or outside the cooler, and you can rest assured that you are extending the life of your produce.

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Menus Embrace Americana

More and more menus are waving the American flag when it comes to culinary inspiration. Traditional American food is on the rise—up 26% from Q3 2008 to Q3 2011—and more regional American references are coming into focus. Also on the rise: old-fashioned food that evokes Americana, from apple pie to fried chicken, and even dishes that accentuate the country goodness of certain meals.

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Starting at the Top: Latest Appetizer Trends

Not only do appetizers come first in menu positioning, but often this meal part is also the place where new flavor and ingredients get a start. Because appetizers represent a smaller commitment than a main entrée, diners are willing to take more chances with them.

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Graduation Celebrations: Your Recipe for Success

Graduation is an important time in most students' lives, rewarding hard work and dedication while marking the beginning of new experiences. Is it any wonder that the event calls for a celebration? Quite often the celebration revolves around eating with friends and family. Whether you have a private banquet room or provide catering for a hassle-free party to go, consider creating a graduation special for grads.

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Chill Out with Smoothies, Shakes and Frozen Drinks

Carbonated beverage sales are fairly flat, but smoothies, once a novelty treat, have been revived as slightly better-for-you treats and functional, nutritious specialty drinks show up on more menus. As the market has evolved, smoothies have developed a split positioning: On one side, fruity frozen drinks are infiltrating quick-service restaurants. On the other, functional, vitamin-boosted meal and snack replacements ride a wave of interest in options like yogurt, juice and energy drinks.

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Big Ideas for Shrimp

The mighty shrimp is flexing its muscle, gracing platters with upscale elegance. Served hot or cold, seasoned or plain, raw or breaded, shrimp is enormously popular, signifying a fresh, high-end beginning to summer. Spice it up with some of the latest entries — killer shrimp, angry shrimp, dynamite shrimp, diablo shrimp. Use it as a replacement for more expensive items, such as shrimp roll instead of lobster, or shrimp cakes instead of crab. Try updating classic dishes with the powerful prawn: shrimp and grits, shrimp tacos, and new takes on shrimp fried rice and Asian shrimp and noodles. The possibilities are endless.

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Kid's Tours: Your Recipe for Success

When was the last time you had kids in the back of the house – of your restaurant? If it's been a while or never, consider opening up your restaurant for a few hours to the local children as part of an educational activity. Kid's tours are a free, fun way to build awareness of your business, help children learn about what goes on behind the scenes and generate goodwill among your community.

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