Cost Control

Keep Costs in Check

Are hidden costs taking a bite out of your profit? The leaks are lurking everywhere. As two of your biggest expenses, food and operation costs can easily spiral out of control before you realize the losses. From production to storage tips, find suggestions that can help keep your costs in line.

Teach Your Hourly Team a Lesson in Cost Control and Selling

The shouted responses from the eighty-plus servers, greeters, bartenders, cooks and dishwashers who were sitting in the crowded dining room at 9 am that rainy Saturday morning were both frenzied and unnerving. “Fifty cents.”“Eighty cents.”“Thirty-five cents.”“Seventy-five cents.” This was no auction. It was an embarrassment. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Food Safety Saves Money

Green onions, spinach, peanuts, lettuce, tomatoes: These are just some of the popular and essential foods that have been the focus of some recent high-profile food contamination incidents. Food-related illnesses and product recalls make everyone uneasy, especially those in the foodservice industry. However, adherence to best practices in food safety can do more than keep people safe – it can also result in significant cost savings for restaurant and foodservice operators.

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Reduce Clutter and Build Traffic

Having a clean space for you to work in and for your guests to dine in is one of the most important elements of a successful restaurant business. Not only will it help prevent accidents and illnesses, but it will also ensure your guests feel comfortable to return and enjoy another dining experience – and encourage others to visit. Consider these simple steps to keep your restaurant neat and free of clutter.

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Combat Rising Costs with Smarter Hourly Hiring

Hourly employees make or break the service experience, and, in turn, your competitive edge. According to American Express, 70% of Americans are willing to spend 13% more with businesses that provide excellent customer service. Building a solid hourly workforce that will drive bottom line results can ease the blow of rising costs, but it may take a fundamental shift in your hourly hiring approach.

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Food Safety and Your Bottom Line

The quality of your ingredients directly influences the success of your establishment. When your menu consists of fresh, safely prepared cuisine, your customers will return again and again to enjoy yet another meal. You play a major role in the quality of your menu items, but food safety starts long before the product reaches your kitchen.

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