Our Five-Step Process

Field to Fork: Our Innovative Tender By Design™ Process

We harvest cattle when climate and feed conditions are at their peak, ensuring consistent quality product year-round.

Our exact aging specifications deliver optimal tenderness.

Individual vacuum packaging allows you to temper only as much as you need, when you need it.

Rapid freezing maintains its quality by preventing undesirable large crystals from forming through the product, locking in freshness with each and every product, resulting in less purge and shrinkage than a traditional freezing process.

Your part of this process is critical to protecting the quality of the product. Using our commercial-grade aluminum tempering tray more evenly controls tempering, yielding less damage to the steak than the shock of thawing in water. Our tempering tray also tempers faster than on other surfaces, such as stainless steel, Teflon or wood, preparing the product to wow diners on their plate.