Serve Good

packaging STANDARDS

The Serve Good® program begins with products that are responsibly sourced or contribute to waste reduction – but it doesn’t end there. At US Foods®, we considered it vital to redesign the packaging for items included in the Serve Good program to ensure a holistic approach in providing sustainable solutions. All products within the Serve Good program meet the following standards:

Inner Package

  • No Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) packaging 
  • No bisphenol A (BPA) food-contact materials 
  • No lightweight (less than 2.5 mil) High-Density Polyeth-ylene (HDPE) box liners 
  • Non-direct food contact paper packaging must contain a minimum of 40% recycled content or be made from an alterna-tive fiber renewable source 
  • All virgin paper content must have Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), or similar certi-fication 
  • Stability performance validation required upon request


  • Unbleached kraft paperboard 
  • Must contain a minimum cumulative average of 35% re-cycled content 
  • Product must fit in a box without excess headspace 
  • All virgin paper content must have SFI, FSC, or similar certification 
  • Corrugated Recycles Classification or Certification 
  • BPI® (Biodegradable Products Institute) certification for any non-recyclable corrugated material 
  • Package performance validation required upon request

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