Chef Robert Harbison

Food Fanatics® Chef, East Windsor

Chef Robert Harbison is a graduate of Widener University Hotel Restaurant Management Program and The French Culinary Institute in Manhattan (now ICC). Most recently he was the Executive Chef at Princeton University where he took the culinary lead of their dining program, catering and “Visiting Chefs Program”- It was during that time that he began to see the French structure as the essential building block for any dish. He immersed himself in French regional food and wine for many years wandering the Garden State’s local markets and touring the vineyards of California. While working with the “visiting chefs,” Chef Rob first saw the deft combination of classic technique and local North American ingredients- a hallmark of his own style. Now a Food Fanatic Chef in Metro New York, Chef Rob injects his bold, eclectic style of cooking and menu design into his new culinary concepts and customer focused role.

Robert's Areas of Expertise

Menu Engineering and Design

Recipients of this badge are well-versed and skilled in all core elements of Menu Engineering including Menu Psychology and Design, Marketing Your Menu, and Implementing Menu Changes within an Operation.

US Foods Online

This badge is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency with all US Foods’ proprietary online tools including Menu Profit Pro™, US Foods Inventory, the US Foods Mobile App, Business Analytics Reporting, and the US Foods Ecommerce ordering platform.