Chef Bo Marianowits

Food Fanatics® Chef, Palm Springs

Bo Marianowits is the Food Fanatic Chef in the Corona division and started in 2012. Chef Bo has 30 plus years of experience and honed his skills across the country working for various restaurants and hotels, including Marriott Resort, House of Blues and Elephant Bar and Grill. He has also cooked for former Heads of State including presidents Clinton, Regan, and Carter as well as musical acts such as Slash, Hootie and the Blowfish and Ice Cube. As a 3-time Gold Platter Award winner, Chef Bo now brings his high-level of expertise to the table as a Food Fanatics Chef.

Bo's Areas of Expertise

Menu Engineering and Design

Recipients of this badge are well-versed and skilled in all core elements of Menu Engineering including Menu Psychology and Design, Marketing Your Menu, and Implementing Menu Changes within an Operation.