Chef Art Ledda

Food Fanatics® Chef, Bolingbrook

Chef Art Ledda’s early exposure to Filipino food inspired him not only to understand his culture’s food but to understand food, has no boundaries. His work under Chicago Chefs Paul Virant, Kristine Subido, Harold Jurado and Nathan Sears have only helped him hone his skills. Chef Art brings an unmatched enthusiasm for food and helping others as a Food Fanatics® Chef.

Art's Areas of Expertise

Menu Engineering and Design

Recipients of this badge are well-versed and skilled in all core elements of Menu Engineering including Menu Psychology and Design, Marketing Your Menu, and Implementing Menu Changes within an Operation.

US Foods Online

This badge is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency with all US Foods’ proprietary online tools including Menu Profit Pro™, US Foods Inventory, the US Foods Mobile App, Business Analytics Reporting, and the US Foods Ecommerce ordering platform.