Who is Generation Z?

A handy guide about the newest diners out there

Jinya, a ramen concept based in Los Angeles, attracts Gen Z at its first outpost outside of California in Chicago, with its familiar Asian flavors


Depending on the source, it’s defined as those born in 1996 and later. About one quarter of Americans (roughly 83 million) fit into that demographic, approximately the same proportion as millennials and baby boomers, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


By 2020, half of the under-18 population will be part of a minority race or ethnic group. These kids are coming of age in an era when same-sex marriage and fluid gender identity are moving toward the mainstream.


They are never without their phones, and they embrace new ways of leveraging technology.


Teens like to spend in restaurants but don’t have the resources their older counterparts do; younger Gen Zers are too young to have their own money.


Many have been exposed to world cuisines from an early age.

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