Reduce Clutter and Build Traffic

Having a clean space for you to work in and for your guests to dine in is one of the most important elements of a successful restaurant business. Not only will it help prevent accidents and illnesses, but it will also ensure your guests feel comfortable to return and enjoy another dining experience – and encourage others to visit. Consider these simple steps to keep your restaurant neat and free of clutter.

Daily upkeep

Ensure that your staff is trained to thoroughly pick up after each table of guests. For example, when guests leave, the table should be wiped down immediately, and the chairs and floor around the table should be checked for crumbs, dirty napkins and other trash. At closing time, take a look around the space to make sure the floor has been swept, mopped or vacuumed; each table and all chairs are cleaned off; and that your restaurant is ready for business the next day.

Spring cleaning

In addition to daily upkeep, a big "spring cleaning" is also a necessity. Take this time to deep clean your space — floors, tables, chairs, windows, countertops and everything in the kitchen — and make any necessary repairs. This is also a good time to take inventory. Figure out what you don't have that you need and what you have that you don't need. Toss out outdated items, and make sure you have the ingredients to make everything on your menu.

Signage display

Signs, posters and table tents advertising promotions, fundraisers and new menu items should be posted in prominent areas in your restaurant. They should grab your guests' attention, with an intriguing headline or photo, enticing them to read more, yet they should be clean and simple. If a sign or poster is too busy with images or copy, guests will lose interest. While signs and posters can be beneficial, remember to not post too many. Display only what you need to convey your message, placing them in eye-catching places such as on your front door, by your cash register or on the tables. Remove signs once they are dated, torn or dirty. have that you don't need. Toss out outdated items, and make sure you have the ingredients to make everything on your menu.

A splash of color

Refreshing your look every so often will improve your restaurant's image, make it feel more current and attract new guests. This can be as simple as getting new tablecloths or as elaborate as painting the walls or adding murals or logo decals. For example, if your logo's colors are red and yellow, make sure those colors show up inside your restaurant. If the walls are a neutral color, consider painting them yellow and adding red accents to both brighten the space and tie in to your brand.

Maintain your clutter-free space

It's always a good idea to perform a thorough walk-through of your restaurant each day, checking to see that it's clean, up to date and that signage is relevant. If you're not happy with how your restaurant looks and feels, chances are your guests feel the same way. Daily walk-throughs will help you catch small issues before they turn into big problems. If you feel that an update or refresh is needed, develop a plan and execute it.

Source: Duke Marketing