7 Ideas to Attract Generation Z Diners

7 ideas to get Gen Z to like you now

1. Consider a few communal tables. Gen Z guests are more likely to use restaurants to meet up and socialize with friends, and bigger tables are more fun and inviting to groups.

2. Cultivate a lifestyle, with hip Instagram shots showing off more than food, a relaxed, authentic interior vibe and sleek menus.

3. Engage Gen Z socially: Invite a popular local vlogger  or local musicians for a meet-and-greet and reward the first fans to show up with gift cards. They’ll spread the good vibes through social channels.

4. Design in digital where possible—online and on-site ordering, payment, check splitting, menus. This generation likes information and efficient service.

5. Offer coupons, especially the digital variety. Gen Z is price-sensitive.

6. Connect with younger diners with a food-prep display: pizza tossing, biscuit prep, in-house baking, tortilla making.

7. Provide choices. Food-savvy Gen Zers like to customize their meals.

Cleveland-based Megan Rowe covers trends in restaurants, hotels and travel. Follow her @ontherowed.