While the demands of diners will always change, the new desire for foods that promote well-being – both for themselves and for the planet – is here to stay. We’ve categorized these products in three different pillars:

  • Functional Foods – foods that offer an inherent or added positive benefit
  • Unpronounceables List™ – foods formulated by avoiding, removing or replacing ingredients from our list of unpronounceables
  • Plant-Forward – a diet that focuses on – and celebrates – plant-based foods, especially for non-vegans or non-vegetarians seeking protein alternatives

Use the filters below to see which products fall into each category, and be sure to check out videos and recipe suggestions on each product’s page.

*Milk, eggs, honey and beeswax permitted; no other ingredients of animal origin. Reasonable efforts to avoid cross-contact with other animal-based ingredients.

**Made with ingredients derived from plants, fungi and algae; no animal-derived ingredients. Reasonable efforts to avoid cross-contact with animal-based ingredients.