Healthcare Visitors Cafe


See for yourself how Scoop™ products easily help you create multiple menu items. Click on any of these to get the recipe and add to your menu.

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with toasted almonds and crispy roasted green chickpeas in a citrus vinaigrette

Vegan fusilli pasta

with slow-roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions and vegan mozzarella

Fish & Chips

white ale-battered pollock, served with house-made roasted chickpea and cilantro crisps


Hippee Chickpea Sandwich

slow-roasted tomatoes, cucumbers avocado and onions, with a green chickpea, olive oil and citrus spread on a pub grain bun

East Meats West

choice of char-grilled bison burger with Korean BBQ sauce, or vegan black bean burger with Asian slaw, each on a pub grain bun


Vegan Tacos

black beans, roasted mushrooms, peppers and caramelized onions, and fresh avocado in a corn tortilla, topped with mango peach salsa

Carnitas Tacos

slow-cooked pork belly, black beans, peppers, caramelized onions and guacamole with mango peach salsa

Grilled Southwestern Chicken Wrap

grilled and chilled chicken, cabbage and carrot slaw with tajin and lime, and house-made chickpea spread in a cilantro wrap


Vegan Marinated Tofu Tacos

bok choy, red and Napa cabbage, carrots and daikon radish, roasted mushrooms, tofu and soy ginger dressing, wrapped in a corn tortilla

Chana Masala

green chickpeas cooked in a mild curry sauce and served with jasmine rice (vegetarian)

Crispy Fish Banh Mi

battered pollock with Korean BBQ and Asian ginger slaw on a banh mi bun


Greek Salad Wrap

grilled chicken, spring mix, olives, slow-roasted tomatoes, feta, red onion and cucumber, tossed in herb vinaigrette and rolled up in chickpea wrap

korean roasted pork sandwich

slow-roasted pork belly, Korean BBQ and Asian ginger slaw