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Furniture & Shelving

Your seating layout and general furniture setting has a lot to do with establishing your desired ambience and mood. While these may seem like small details, furniture styles and characteristics can help create and support the business approach that feels right for your establishment.

Choosing the right style
When looking for an approach to seating and interior setup, the difference is in the details. Here are a few general principles to help give you some direction for designing the look and feel of your space:

  • Identify the facility type and theme
  • Connect the design with the target market and customer demographic
  • Use open spacing, soft lighting and comfortable seating to encourage longer stays
  • Use tighter spacing, bright lighting and harder seating to increase turns
  • Maintain a symmetrical floor layout for a formal appeal
  • Space the layout randomly for a more visual experience
  • Consider lounge seating to add comfort in lobbies and bars
  • Keep table and seating height consistent throughout each area
  • Use partitioning to create separate spaces for bar height and dining height
  • Limit the height of partitioning to maintain an open atmosphere


  • Always check local codes and be sure to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • To determine potential seating capacity, measure the square footage of your available space. Divide this number by the space per seat as outlined in the chart below
  • Allow 48" between square tables where seating is arranged back-to-back. Allow 24" between corners of tables where seating is arranged diagonally for no aisle access, or expand to 30" for aisle access
  • Consider incorporating booth seating to maximize space capacity and provide additional visual interest and variety
  • Additional outdoor seating will increase seating capacity and ease inside traffic


Chairs & Stools

Seat your guests with seating, of all kinds, from youth seating to stacking and folding chairs, to barstools, dining chairs and more.

Shelving, Racks & Storage

Carefully selecting some of the hardest-working equipment in your kitchen or storage area will serve you well for years to come. Here you’ll find some of our best picks for worktables, shelving, storage racks and security cages to help you prep well, stay organized and keep your foodservice operation running smoothly in all the right places. You’ll also find the latest in equipment stands designed to take up less space. These help free up room for additions to your kitchen, while offering the strength and support needed for heavy equipment placement.


A shelf for everything
Keep your food and equipment essentials organized and easy to find. Whether you need more controlled use of your walk-in cooler and freezer, or better storage for your dry goods, you’ll find individual shelves, shelving systems or custom-built ideas to make the best use of every inch of space in your operation.