This Doughscuit is a Must-Eat Crossover

Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a donut and a biscuit? Here's your answer.

What is it: The doughscuit, a hybrid created by Chris Uhrich, chef-owner of Mucci’s Italian in St. Paul, Minnesota. Part biscuit, part doughnut, the doughscuit’s distinguishing characteristic is a punched-out hole perched on its top. Flavors emulate classic desserts, like this spin on creme brulee. Vanilla pastry cream tops the $4 doughscuit after the surface and hole are dipped in lightly caramelized sugar that turns into a hard coating.

Inspiration: Uhrich’s love and fascination with biscuits led to this ideal doughnut-biscuit union. Like legions of people across America, Uhrich was intrigued by New York City Chef Dominique Ansel’s cronut. “The goal was to achieve a tender raised doughnut that has flaky layers, which was very difficult,” Uhrich says.

Obsession factor: “We had a lot of screw-ups,” Uhrich says, but getting it wrong only drove him to get it right, batch after batch. Uhrich knew he nailed it when its popularity skyrocketed.

Impact: Mucci’s launched a side concept featuring the doughscuits served only on Saturday mornings. The twist on creme brulee has become a signature and fan favorite.